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Conspiracy Crimes

State & Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Boston, MA

Have you been arrested for a conspiracy crime? Are you currently facing criminal charges due to alleged involvement in a conspiracy crime? If you have found yourself in the midst of a legal complication involving conspiracy crimes, you will need to speak with a Boston criminal defense lawyer from The Criminal Defense Group immediately!

In order to be charged with a conspiracy crime, the prosecution must be able to prove two things:

  • You made an agreement with one or more other persons
  • The agreement was made with other parties to commit a criminal or unlawful act or with the intent to commit a criminal or unlawful act

Conspiracy crime laws are incredibly complex and confusing, and it is very easy to become entangled in a conspiracy crime allegation. Due to cases of mistaken identity or falsification, you could find yourself accused of a crime in which you may have not been directly involved. Whether you are innocent of a conspiracy crime, made a mistake, or acted out of desperation, you can trust that you have a strong advocate in your corner with a Boston criminal attorney from The Criminal Defense Group.

Types of Criminal Conspiracy Crimes

Conspiracy crimes refer to a crime that is committed by two or more parties who have made a mutual agreement to engage with one another in an unlawful criminal act. Conspiracy crimes can also include an agreement between parties to commit one act that is innocent but is made a criminal offense once it is committed by the combination of parties in conjunction with other acts. Conspiracy crimes are often combined with other crimes because two individuals must come together with the intent to commit another act. Common examples of conspiracy crimes can include:

  • Two people conspiring to commit an act of burglary
  • Two people conspiring to commit an act of identity theft
  • Two people conspiring to manufacture or distribute drugs
  • Two companies conspiring to commit business fraud

Even if you haven't actually committed a crime, the simple act of agreeing to commit an act with criminal intent may be enough to warrant a criminal conspiracy charge. Because conspiracy laws are incredibly complex, it is wise to seek legal representation immediately after an arrest or if you fear an impending federal investigation.

If you are ready to discuss your the conspiracy crime allegations being made against you with our criminal defense team, do not hesitate to contact The Criminal Defense Group. We can schedule a free case evaluation to begin discussing your case and the possible legal options that may be available to your circumstances. We have more than 65 years of combined legal experience, and as knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers, we can be trusted to represent you through this tough time. Call now to get started.

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