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Domestic Violence Defense

Criminal Defense Law Firm in Boston, MA

It is not uncommon for domestic violence accusations to arise from heated family law or divorce-related matters. It is an unfortunate truth, but many domestic violence charges are largely unfounded. While there are many domestic violence allegations that are valid, some individuals find themselves entangled in a legal battle that can put them out of a job, harm their honorable reputation, or could cause life-altering consequences because someone made a false accusation against them.

Just because you have been arrested for a criminal defense allegation does not mean that you will be found guilty of the crime! As a Boston criminal defense law firm that has represented many cases like yours in the past, we know that many domestic violence allegations are brought by former spouses who take advantage of the law in order to further their personal goals in child custody or child support cases. If you have been arrested or fear an investigation for a domestic violence offense, you will need to know your rights. Consult a Boston criminal defense attorney from The Criminal Defense Group before speaking with police, friends, prosecutors, or any other government agencies that may use your words against you. Doing so could help your defense, and ultimately, ensure your freedom.

Defense Strategies Against Harmful Allegations

Domestic violence typically involves some sort of physical, emotional, or psychological abuse between domestic partners. This can include husbands and wives, partners, boyfriends and girlfriends, former spouses, family members, and even roommates. Common types of domestic violence include:

Because domestic violence allegations have the potential to subject an individual to serious consequences, bitter former spouses, significant others, or family members could see personal benefit in accusing another person of a domestic violence crime. If a neighbor hears distress or a heated argument and calls the police, police are bound by law to make an arrest of the alleged offender, even if the other spouse does not wish for an arrest to take place. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers will make an arrest with little to no attention to the actual circumstances, causing perhaps one of the biggest legal challenges an individual can face in terms of the crime of domestic violence.

Were you accused of a domestic violence crime?

At The Criminal Defense Group, we believe that there are two sides to every story. If you have been arrested for an alleged domestic violence crime, contact our firm immediately. Our firm has more than 65 years of combined legal experience and utilizes the assistance of veteran investigators and extensive legal research to secure the best possible defense for your circumstances. We believe that all of our clients deserve a substantial amount of preparation and an equally zealous representation.

Because we take a proactive approach to each case, our adversaries know that our defense team is a force to be reckoned with. If you are ready to discuss your defense, call a criminal defense lawyer from our firm to schedule a free case evaluation. We can help you seek the best possible resolution during such an emotional and stressful time.

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