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Search and Seizure Violations

Police Misconduct

Being charged with a criminal offense can be an extremely difficult experience, but when your charges are brought against you unlawfully, you must stand your ground! If you are a victim of an unlawful search and seizure, consult a Boston criminal defense lawyer immediately. At The Criminal Defense Group, we are dedicated to preserving your rights, defending your freedom, and holding law enforcement officials responsible for their actions when they violate the law.

Motions to Suppress Evidence

Police officers and other government agencies are required to adhere to specific standards when conducting an investigation. According to the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, all American citizens are protected from the unlawful search and seizure of their property. As a result, officers must honor an individual's right to personal property. If an officer conducts a search or an arrest without a valid warrant or without probable cause, they must be held accountable for this unlawful action.

The law is very specific about the way that officers must obtain evidence or initiate an arrest. If an officer makes one simple error -- from filing a document incorrectly to obtaining evidence without a warrant -- your constitutional rights will have been violated as well. An experienced Boston criminal defense attorney can examine any police records to determine if a search and seizure procedure was committed unlawfully to ensure that your rights are preserved while challenging the validity of any evidence gathered against you.

In most circumstances, if a search and seizure violation is committed, any evidence that was discovered during an unlawful search can be thrown out of court based on a lawyer's motion to suppress. If the motion is granted by the judge, then any charges against an individual may be dismissed. Most unlawful search and seizure procedures are often committed during unlawful raids for drug crimes, sex crimes, internet crimes, or white collar crimes.

Speak with The Criminal Defense Group After an Arrest

If you have been arrested, you must do everything in your power to exercise your Miranda rights. Do not speak to anyone other than your Boston criminal lawyer from our firm. Doing so can not only protect your rights but also ensure that your defense strategy is as strong as possible.

We have more than 65 years of combined legal experience and can use our knowledge of search and seizure violations to determine if any evidence against you can be deemed inadmissible in court. By being zealous in our approach, we are able to represent you aggressively and effectively! This is something our adversaries -- the prosecution and officers -- know and fear. By challenging the validity of evidence and proving unreliable statements made by the police, we can help a case be dismissed or dropped in court!

Contact The Criminal Defense Group as soon as possible to schedule a free case evaluation. We would be happy to investigate your case and determine the best possible legal action. Call now!

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